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    Outdoor LEDs is a brand which has evolved from Marl International Limited, who are recognised globally as one of the pioneers of the LED industry and have been in design, manufacture and supply of high performance, high quality LED indicators and illuminators for 40 years.

    The Company has always been based in Ulverston, Cumbria and manufactures and assembles many of the components and systems on-site.

    Here at Marl, we've been lighting-up lives and spaces with our LEDs. Blasting light and colour across epic Live Aid's stage; Pink Floyd used them on the Pulse album cover; and London catwalk designer Amy Winters integrates them into her classic creations.

    You too can have that star quality, right outside your door.

    Marl has now linked with hard landscaping experts Marshalls to bring an exciting range of high-impact outdoor lighting. You'd struggle to find these spectacular outdoor LEDs on the high street.

    Outdoor LEDs products are available through a countrywide network of builders merchants, and drive way installers affiliated to Marshalls, through the Marshalls shop and directly from Outdoor LEDs by telephone order: 01229 484633 

    Marl and Outdoor LEDs have all appropriate accreditation, including BSEN ISO 9001:2008 (certificate number Q05480), RoHS, WEEE compliance and REACH compliant. 

  • Why LED's?

    Why LED's

    So LED is not a new technology, but it is relatively new for use in commercial, retail, and indoor / outdoor domestic lighting.  This is because LED performance has steadily improved over the years, to the point where it outperforms conventional lighting technologies, such as halogen and compact fluorescent.  But LED lighting is very different to most other lighting technologies, it does not use glass envelopes, it is usually much more rugged and reliable and potentially generates much less heat and use less power. 

    Light Emission technology has now been around for more than a century.  It’s about half a century since the first standardised LED production began and now more than 40 years since Marl became involved as one of the recognised pioneers in the industry. 

    The Marl brand has always been associated with quality, performance and innovation and today Outdoor LEDs are evolving that ethos to create stylish ways to illuminate your outdoor space. 


    • brightness
    • reliability
    • energy efficiency
    • life expectancy - up to 10 years' continuous use
    • colour changing choices


    • voltage
    • current
    • power
    • running costs
    • maintenance
    • installation

    And very green

    • energy consumption is cut from between 10 to 80 percent
    • their long life reduces waste materials
    • high reliability saves on maintenance
    • they recycle safely
    • there is less light pollution
    • animal and marine habitats are better protected

    It doesn't matter if you live in a town, city, village or remote community; LEDs boost lifestyles, even where there is no mains' electricity. The 'clean tech' is constantly evolving - and so is the interest.