Safety, Cleaning and Maintenance


Livinglite, Drivelite24, Contemporary Spike Light and Urban Spike Light

Although the Livinglite and Drivelite24 light units, interconnecting cables and power supply have been created as plug and play products, if you are in any doubt about your ability (or qualifications) to do this work we recommend that you use a qualified electrician to install the product. The mains power supply socket must be installed by a qualified electrician in a way that complies with the current IET wiring regulations (BS 7671). During installation the chain of light units must be connected to a low voltage power supply unit, which must be plugged in to a suitably protected mains power supply socket.

Dual Wall Light (Round), Dual Wall Light (Square), Bollard Light

A qualified electrician must be used to install these products.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Products should be cleaned by first removing any excess contamination with a soft, non-abrasive cloth, followed by cleaning with warm water and a mild detergent, using the non-abrasive cloth again to wipe the surface.

Regular cleaning will ensure the long term life and performance of your Outdoor LEDs products.

Always disconnect the plug from the mains and allow the lights to cool before cleaning.

Do not use abrasive cleaner on your lights. This may scratch the finish.

Do not use a pressure washer on any Outdoor LEDs products.

The Livinglite and Drivelite24 light units will offer short-term resistance to Petrol, Diesel, Brake Fluid, and Antifreeze. If the units are exposed to any chemicals, we recommend that they should be thoroughly cleaned at the earliest opportunity.